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GI diets

GI Diets for Horses

As the demand on our Equine Athletes continues to grow, the more we look to human nutrition for guidance. GI diets is something we have all heard about for ourselves but altering our horses diets in this way leaves us…

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Label Part 2

Reading the Label- Part 3

In the final part of our feed label series we look at Crude fibre, Calcium and Phosphorus, as well as some details a feed label won’t divulge. Crude Fibre The word “crude”, in the case of fibre, comprises both the…

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label 2

Reading the label -Part 2

In our last article we looked at the wording and basic information found on feed labels. This month we look at the nutritional information in more depth to help you understand what you are reading. The Nutrient Analysis In South Africa,…

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label part 1

Reading the Label- What does the feed tag really tell you- Part 1

If you’re like me, reading the label on your feed bag isn’t the first priority when buying feed. It’s what you’ve always bought, and the horses look fine on it so that’s what matters, right? However taking time to read…

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Feed bucket

Find your Feed- choosing the right product

Where to start!!! With the multitude of products available today, how does the horse owner choose which product to feed?  The many freely offered opinions ranging from the uninformed to the highly scientific make it even harder to decide which…

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